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8 Best Minecraft Gardens to Build in 2023

Gardens in Minecraft are one of my favorite things to build! They’re a really nice decoration you can add to nearly any build, whether it’s a house, a castle, or a town.

Most gardens don’t serve much purpose other than to be a decoration or a great fishing spot. Every garden will be different in size, function, and design. For example, some gardens might have a lake while others will have a gazebo or walking trails.

There is a lot of flexibility with size as well and a garden can be as big or small as you want! You may need to do some terraforming when building your garden as well.

Best Minecraft Gardens

1. Castle Garden

If you’re building a castle in Minecraft, a really neat idea is to build a large garden either next to the castle or in a courtyard within the walls. Many real-life castles have large gardens and a cool one that comes to mind is the Palace of Versailles in France.

2. Fancy Gazebo

This Minecraft garden build uses a circular shallow lake with a central gazebo ontop of the water. Pretty cool!

The garden wouldn’t be complete without some flowers of course. You can mix things up by changing the types and colors of flowers used in the build.

3. Babylon Hanging Garden

A garden built in a Babylon style can be a larger and more challenging to build in Minecraft survival, but definitely cool nonetheless! This type of garden has multiple tiers with plants or water hanging off the edges.

Between you and me, I think this kind of garden might be a neat place to brew your potions or even store your items. Since it is a little bit off the ground, there can be a room or several rooms built inside.

4. Indoor Garden or Greenhouse

Gardens don’t need to always be outdoors and they can even be built right inside your house in Minecraft. This cute little greenhouse could fit inside so many houses and will let in plenty of sunlight.

An indoor garden or greenhouse is a great way to grow food (unless you’re wanting to build an automatic farm). You can really easily have some wheat plants, carrots, or other veggies growing for those times you need easy access.

5. Rustic

When I think of a rustic garden in Minecraft, this is what I think of! It reminds me of almost a large outdoor “patio” that doubles as a crop garden with cocoa beans, wheat, carrots, and other food.

6. Massive Garden

Even though this is basically a courtyard for a castle in Minecraft, I think no castle would be complete without a garden. It would be a ton of work to build a courtyard garden like this, but think of how cool even a smaller version would be to build.

7. Koi Pond

A smaller and more compact garden that can fit almost anywhere. It has a more oriental/asian feel to it and you can tell it is a koi pond right away.

8. Flower Minecraft Garden

Want a simple outdoors garden that is fairly small but still beautiful? Look no further! This design has a small lake, flowers, pathways, fencing, and a small structure.

Don’t forget that some of the newer biomes in Minecraft have lots of flowers in them too. It might be easier to find some of these biomes in Minecraft than to plant all these flowers yourself.

Things to Put in Your Garden (Extra Ideas)

  • Fishing Pond or Lake – A body of water that you can fish in. This can be natural or man-made.
  • Gazebo – A small roofed structure in your garden. Can be useful to stand in while it is raining or as a place to do your enchanting in Minecraft.
  • Trees, plants, and flowers – Having some nature in your garden is almost mandatory!
  • Bridges – If there’s any small rivers or water in your garden, a bridge is useful for crossing it.
  • Fishing Dock – If your fishing pond is large enough, you can consider adding a small wooden dock to fish from.
  • Cottage – If the garden is large enough, a cozy little cottage can be a really nice touch.
  • Walkways – Some pathways (even made from dirt) around your plants are a great feature.
  • Benches – Making some benches from wooden stair blocks and signs as armrests gives a nice aesthetic.
  • Garden Lamps – Make your garden nicer to walk around at night with some lights. You can even use redstone to make them only turn on at night!
  • Fencing – Keep mobs (or other players) out of your garden and make it feel a bit more private.
  • Fountains – A nice decoration for any garden, big or small.