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10 Cool Minecraft Dock Designs

10 Cool Minecraft Dock Designs

Building a dock in Minecraft is a convenient way to extend your base into the ocean. Docks can be practical and used for catching fish or as a place for storing your boats.

There are many different shapes, sizes, and materials available when it comes to building a dock in Minecraft. The size can range from a small fishing dock to a full “town on the water” with boats. Since most docks are built with wood in real-life, wood is one of the most common building materials.

Minecraft Dock Design Tips

There are many things you can add to your dock design to make it more useful and look better. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Buildings – Small survival homes or shops can be built directly onto the water or just on the shore.
  • Fishing Spots – An area to be used specifically as a fishing dock. This could be a small square or a long walkway into the ocean.
  • Boat Structures – Large, stationary boats with sails anchored to your dock.
  • Boat Storage – Boats in Minecraft are very small, but you can make a section to place some boats into the world.
  • Walkways – Lighted and decorated walkways on the ocean.
  • Markets – A large square out on the ocean with shop buildings or tents.
  • Beacons – Building a beacon near your dock can provide increased movement speed.

Here are our top picks for the best Minecraft dock designs and ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Fishing Dock

This is a great example of a small fishing dock that includes some small buildings, lighting, boat storage, and areas for fishing. Since it is so small and compact, it can easily be built on most bodies of water.

Since this dock design is mostly made out of wood, it would not be too difficult to build in any survival world. The buildings can even be used as a storage chest area for all your fishing and boating supplies.

2. Minecraft Harbor

A little more industrial-looking dock design with buildings on the shore, a large wooden platform on the shore, decorative storage boxes, and some ships built on the water.

A really cool addition is the windmill build off in the distance! You could also substitute with a lighthouse or other ocean related building.

3. Simple Wooden Dock

This small fishing dock is probably one of the most simple designs you will find. The use of fences as poles into the water (along with a fence underneath for support) is a fantastic idea.

It would be a cool building idea to build a basement or underground area below the house.

4. City Docks

If you’re building an urban city on the water, don’t forget to build a little bit into the ocean! This Minecraft dock design has a great walkway and decorative walls along the ocean, grass square for trees, and stairs going down to the ocean level.

This design is not made from wood, but the material choice definitely suits the buildings around it. For a dock like this, you could use white concrete blocks or even just regular stone.

5. Medieval Dock (with Shops)

These docks are fairly small and focus a lot on the buildings on the shore. Building using Medieval architecture is a good idea for docks because boats were a major mode of transport in that time period.

Some ideas for the buildings could be to keep quality Minecraft food inside or have a little shop. Connecting the rail tracks to a minecart system will also allow easy access to the ocean!

6. Pirate Cove

If you enjoy building with a pirate theme, this is definitely the dock design for you. You will probably need to find a good location that feels like a hidden cove or bay. After all, pirates don’t usually live right out in the open on the beach!

Doing your potion brewing here might be a good idea, or even storing your valuables like gold and diamonds.

7. Cargo Dock

This Minecraft dock idea is designed around unloading massive container ships. Due to the size and scale of this build, it may be better done on creative mode!

Since this design is more urban, installing a Minecraft texture pack is a smart idea.

8. Ocean Town

A cool idea for an ocean dock in Minecraft is to add lots of buildings and make a full town. As seen in this video, it is easy to add buildings right along your walkways and even add some height to those buildings.

When building a bigger town, it might be smart to build some decorations for the town. Some ideas could be to build some statues or add some seating areas with trees.

9. Village Docks

If you’re building a village right on the water and want some docks built nearby, this design will work nicely. The use of walls and stairs going down to the dock area gives the feeling that the dock is quite separate from the village.

10. Warehouse Pier

A neat little warehouse with large doors and a small dock nearby. The warehouse can be used to store goods and the railway can be connected to other rail systems.

Stacking blocks outside like pumpkins, watermelons, and chests is a great idea as well.

That concludes our top picks for the best Minecraft dock designs. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Leave a comment below!