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10 Minecraft Dock Designs and Ideas

Building a dock in Minecraft can be a fun way to extend your base into the ocean. There are many different Minecraft dock designs, which can range from a small pier to a full town-on-the-water with large ships. Wood is typically the most popular building material for a building a dock in Minecraft.

A dock doesn’t need to be just a decoration. Here are some ideas for things you can add to your dock:

  • Buildings – Small houses or shops can be built directly onto the water or just on the shore.
  • Fishing Spots – An area designed just for fishing. This could be a small square or a long walkway into the ocean.
  • Boat Structures – Large, stationary boats with sails anchored to your dock.
  • Boat Storage – Boats in Minecraft are very small, but you can make a section to place some boats into the world.
  • Walkways – Nicely lighted and decorated walkways on the ocean.
  • Markets – A large square out on the ocean with shop buildings or tents.

To give you inspiration and ideas for Minecraft Dock Design, here are ten of the coolest examples:

1. Fishing Dock Design

This is a great example of a small fishing dock that includes some small buildings, lighting, boat storage, and areas for fishing. Since it is so small and compact, it can easily be built on most bodies of water. It is also mostly made out of wood which makes it easier to build.

2. Minecraft Harbor Design

A little more industrial-looking dock design with buildings on the shore, a large wooden platform on the shore, decorative storage boxes, and some ships built on the water. This design may take a bit longer to build, especially in survival mode.

3. Very Simple Minecraft Dock

Looking for something real simple? This video shows how to build a small and compact dock that is primarily just for fishing or decoration.

4. City Minecraft Dock

This type of Minecraft dock design is great if you have an urban city. Note the great walkway and decorative walls along the ocean, grass square for trees, and stairs going down to the ocean level. This design is made mostly from stone instead of wood.

5. Medieval Dock Design with Shops

These docks are fairly small and focus a lot on the buildings on the shore. Building in the Medieval style is a cool idea for docks because boats were such a major mode of transport in that time.

6.Pirate Minecraft Dock

Pirates need a place to dock their ships and unload their treasure! This video shows a cool dock design with a pirate theme.

7. Cargo Minecraft Dock

Another urban and contemporary design: a large cargo port designed around unloading massive container ships. Due to the size and scale of this build, it may be better done on creative mode!

8. Minecraft Ocean Town

A cool idea for a Minecraft dock design is to add more buildings and make a full town right on the ocean. As seen in this video, it is easy to add buildings right along your walkways and even add some height to those buildings.

9. Medieval Village Docks

This is a fantastic Minecraft dock design! Check out the awesome walls, walkways, houses, and terraforming put into this design.

10. Minecraft Dock Warehouse

A neat little warehouse with large doors and a small dock nearby. This is also a really cool design for a Minecraft dock.