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10 Minecraft Statue Designs and Ideas (With Photos)

10 Minecraft Statue Designs and Ideas (With Photos)

Statues are a popular building idea when you’re bored in Minecraft. Since you can build a statue of basically anything, there are nearly endless possibilities for designing a cool statue. In general, most statues will be inspired by some sort of object, living thing, or metaphor (whether in the game or based on real life).

In real-life, many statues are symbolic and represent ideas, history, and values. A good example that comes to mind is the Statue of Liberty which represents values like freedom and opportunity. This can apply to your Minecraft statue design as well and one example could be building a statue out of gold to symbolize wealth.

Types of Minecraft Statues

Some objects you can build a statue of include: tools (pickaxes, axes, shovels), weapons like swords, and item drops (like diamonds from mining). Pretty much any non-living thing in Minecraft can be built as a statue!

Alternatively, you could build a statue of “living things” like Minecraft players, mobs, or animals. You could design a Minecraft statue of a sheep, your character skin, or an enemy zombie.

The most common building blocks used for building Minecraft statues are stone, colored concrete blocks, wool, or even diamond blocks. The material you use is up to you, and will depend on the kind of statue you build.

Here are our top picks for the best Minecraft statue designs and ideas for you to build!

1. Wolf

This is a large Minecraft statue design that may take more time to build, especially in survival mode. You could build a statue of a wolf like this one, or build other animals like bears, sheep, or even roaming llamas.

To help you build a statue, try to get a reference photo from google of the animal you want to model. Like most statues, the player chose to build this one from stone.

2. Poseidon

A neat idea for the ocean is to build a statue! And what better statue than Poseidon, the Greek protector of the sea? A statue like this will welcome everyone visiting your island or coastline. As a bonus, you’ll get a really cool place to fish.

The player chose to build this statue from materials found at sea, such as prismarine. Using building blocks that match the theme of your statue can add a lot of character to your build.

Building a taller statue like this, especially by the ocean, can be a good “marker” to remind you where you built your survival Minecraft home or underground base.

3. Diamond Pickaxe

Why not build a statue of your favorite item or tool in the game? This one shows a diamond pickaxe, which could show off that the player enjoys mining or that the building stores mining supplies. Other ideas could be to build an axe, a shovel, a sword, or even a bow. Even though netherite pickaxes have taken over diamond pickaxes, the diamond one will always be iconic.

If you want to take things to the next level, you could add some decorations to build an enchanted tool! Add some blocks around the tool to make it sparkle a little.

4. Stone Golem

This player built a statue modeled after a Minecraft mob in the game. You could easily build a statue of other mobs or animals, such as zombies, skeletons, or sheep.

Nature-themed statue designs like this one would look great in a garden, too!

Tip: Use building blocks that match the theme of your statue. For a skeleton, use bone blocks. For a sheep, use wool!

5. Horse Arches

Arches almost always make a nice entryway to a base. These ones are modeled after the Dothraki from the TV show Game of Thrones. Note that they are made mostly of wood, which is a unique material to use for building a statue. The wood material looks very nice when put in a Savannah or similar biome.

If Game of Thrones isn’t your thing, try building a Minecraft statue of something else from your favorite TV show or movie!

6. Lady Justice

Every court building in Minecraft should have some sort of lady justice statue in front of it. This photo shows the classic lady justice, with the scales, sword, and blindfold, as a metaphor that justice is blind and fair. This statue is a little bit large, and you could easily make it a bit smaller to scale with your buildings.

There are many other places where this kind of statue would look nice, such as in front of a city hall or a jailhouse. You could also even craft a beacon and build it nearby, it would complement the tall statue!

7. Parrot

Parrots are a small animal in the game that can be tamed, and also make for a cool “mini statue”. Since parrots and birds in general come in so many different colors, expect to use a lot of colored wool or concrete.

This Minecraft statue was built by McNoodlor, who has a reputation for amazing (often smaller and simpler) builds. We recommend checking him out for more ideas!

8. Mayan

A good example of a Minecraft statue design with lots of detailed carved into it. It’s also a good reminder that your statue can follow different Minecraft architectures, and some other ideas could be a Viking or Egyptian themed statue.

If you manage to find a jungle biome, there are many Mayan-themed blocks to build with. Some examples are the chiseled stone blocks, mossy cobblestone, and vines.

9. Mermaids

This is an amazing Minecraft statue that definitely required a lot of talent to build. It might be challenging to build something like this from scratch, but it doesn’t hurt to appreciate it for inspiration.

One idea could be to rotate the mermaids to face each other (like an arch). The mermaids would look great in front of some sort of “swamp” temple or underground cave base.

10. Minecraft Players

Another archway, this time with statues of players. Archways make a cool entrance to any area if you put a road under them. It would be hard to make this one on survival though, since it is made from emeralds.

If you are playing on survival, you could use an easier material like stone, waxed copper blocks, or quartz. You could also build a player statue using the skins of actual players.

That concludes our top picks for the best Minecraft statues. Do you have any additions or suggestions? Leave a comment below!


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