The 5 Best Bukkit Plugins For Your Minecraft Server in 2018

When starting up your Minecraft Server, there are some Bukkit plugins that are simply ‘must haves’. Of course, every server is different. A server that wants to replicate vanilla may not need currency plugins, however an economy server would. I would like to share my list of the best bukkit plugins I’ve encountered during my

Rank Names and Donor Perks For Your Minecraft Server

When a player logs into a Minecraft server, one of the first things they will see are the colors and ranks of other people. Every server is different, but these ranks are usually obtained through donations on a server’s website, in-game progression, or a combination of both. Ranks are important for Minecraft servers because they

How to Advertise Your Minecraft Server

You’ve setup your Minecraft server, but how do you become more popular? There are many key factors involved, including offering a quality gaming experience, active staff, and of course advertising. Advertising can be as simple as submitting your server to voting sites or more complex like paying for ads. This article will give you tips

How To Setup a Minecraft Server Website

If you have a Minecraft server, it is essential to create a good website for your players. Websites act as a central hub for your players to access information about your server, to manage donations, and for enticing new players. There’s a lot of extras you can include too such as 3D server maps, highscores,