5 Challenges For Minecraft Survival Mode

Adding a challenge to survival Minecraft is a perfect way to bring more fun and excitement into the game. Challenges are certain rules or objectives you add voluntarily to the game to make it more difficult. Some example of challenges could be playing in a world with lava oceans or not being allowed to use

Tips For Designing a Minecraft Storage Room

Storage rooms are one of the most important parts of any Minecraft base. They store your valuables and you spend a lot of time in there dropping off and picking up your belongings. If you’re spending so much time in there, you may as well make it look pretty (but still practical)! I like to

The Art of Nether Portal Design in Minecraft

Most Minecraft players only ever make a simple nether portal, as shown in the photo above. However, there are so many ways other ways you can design your portal. Nether portals can be so much larger than the standard 5×4 shape (up to 23×23 in any rectangular shape, in fact!) and it’s easy to decorate

6 Minecraft Building Styles For Your Next Project

There are so many Minecraft building styles to choose from other than the most popular choice, medieval. Medieval is popular because it’s so intuitive, you just build a house or castle using stone and wood. If you want to spice up your next build, you will need to use different building materials like concrete, terracotta,

34 Things to Build in Minecraft When You’re Bored

Every once in a while Minecraft can get boring and it’s hard to decide what to build next. For those of you with “builder’s block”, I have made a list to give you some inspiration with 34 things to build in Minecraft. I have the most basic of ideas such as castles and more advanced