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10 Minecraft Castle Ideas for 2023

Castles are one of my personal favorite things to build in Minecraft. Why? At one point or another, most people have dreamed of living in their very own castle!

If you’re on survival, building a castle can seem like a a challenge in Minecraft, but here is my biggest tip: if you start small with just one tower, add more towers, and eventually connect all the towers, you’ll have a full castle built on survival Minecraft. The key is to start with one piece and keep adding more pieces slowly over time.

You will notice that a lot of my examples of Minecraft castles are using a texture pack. Installing a texture pack for your Minecraft game does not take very long and really makes castles look a lot sharper!

I won’t leave you hanging any longer. Here is my list of the best Minecraft castle ideas for 2023:

1. Small Castle

This easy and simple Minecraft castle by TheMythicalSausage is one of my favorites. Nearly anyone can build something like this because it is small and the video shows you how to build it!

Despite being small, the Minecraft castle keeps a “cozy” feel and is very welcoming. You could even consider using other blocks like copper to build it since it doesn’t need a huge amount of blocks.

2. Medieval Castle with Village

medieval castle village

A medieval castle with a village by Thegide that has a town around it. I like this idea because there’s a protected fortress for yourself, with Minecraft houses built just outside. This medieval castle is made mostly from stone and wood, making it quite simple for survival mode.

3. Kenilworth (Real Castle)

kenilworth castle built in Minecraft

Kenilworth is a real castle located in England, and this is a recreation of the castle in Minecraft by Medievalists.

A cool idea for building a castle in Minecraft is to look up a real castle on Google images then try to build it yourself. This is one such example of what you can do with this method.

4. Rumpelstiltskin’s Castle

rumpelstiltskins castle built in Minecraft

The name is basically alphabet soup, but you can’t deny it looks nice. Rumpelstiltskin is the castle from the Shrek movies and was built in Minecraft by Mutereu.

A huge golden castle like this would probably be easiest on creative mode, but could technically be done in survival too! I’d probably only attempt this build if you had a team of players to help you on a server.

You would probably need to pick a Minecraft biome that’s near water for this kind of castle, so keep that in mind.

5. Winter Castle on a Hill

winter castle ideas

A cozy, warm castle on the hill in Winter is a nice idea for those colder biomes. This castle is inspired by Game of Thrones and may be a good idea for fans of the series!

6. French Castle with Gardens

french castle in minecraft

French castles are known for their amazing gardens and large open spaces. At the back (or even front) of your castle, consider having a large garden field with a Minecraft fountain build nearby. It would make a fantastic view from your bedroom in the castle. Beautiful Minecraft garden designs and courtyards are a fantastic way to add more beauty to a castle.

7. Fortress

minecraft fortress castle

A protected fortress with plenty of walls and other defensive buildings is a good way to protect yourself. Whether it is on a PvP server against players or against mobs, a fortress is sure to protect your valuables.

8. Castle Carved into the Mountainside

mountain castle in Minecraft

This is a castle which is carved right into the side of a mountain. The mountain will hide your castle a bit from the other side, which can be a good or bad thing. It’s bad if you want to show off your castle, and good if you want to hide it from other people.

With this kind of castle, you can easily build a network of underground tunnels throughout the mountain. In the tunnels you can add things like farms, hallways, storage rooms, nether portals, and more.

If you can find a Minecraft dungeon in the mountain, you can even make a mob spawning farm.

9. Medieval Minecraft Castle With a Gate

basic medieval castle made in minecraft

Although this castle is pretty basic, I really like this gate on this one. You can see there is a little bridge/walkway also leading from the front door. This would be a good place to build a water moat (or lava, if you dare) to keep out uninvited players and mobs.

This castle also has a nice little outdoor area right after entering. The courtyard adds a nice decoration right outside the buildings within the walls.

10. Large Courtyard and Garden

large minecraft courtyard castle

This one has a very wide open courtyard and garden. The walls are fairly far away from the main buildings and provide a lot of space for things like farming or breeding animals. A build like this is a great idea if you have a big open area.

If your land is quite bumpy or rough, you would probably have to do a lot of terraforming and landscaping (flattening the grass). Keep this in mind, especially if you are playing on survival mode.

Allyssa Marie Henry

Wednesday 7th of September 2022

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