How To Find a Minecraft Dungeon

Minecraft dungeons are naturally generated structures found underground in the Overworld. They are quite useful as they are a source of mossy cobblestone (moss stone), mob spawners, and chest loot. Additionally, dungeons can be easily converted into mob grinders for a source of experience, bones, string, and more. They can be found randomly almost anywhere underground (including near the surface), however I have some tips and tricks to help you find them more quickly.

Dungeons Are Noisy

How To Find a Dungeon in Minecraft

Because dungeons contain mob spawners, there will be a large amount of mobs inside creating noise. I have found many of them simply by running around my world during the day and digging down when I come across loud mob noises. The same also applies for when you are mining, if you hear loud noises you should dig towards those noises as it may be a dungeon. Note that they can also be found inside mountains and cliffs.

There are three types of dungeons you should listen for: zombie, skeleton, and spider. There are no creeper mob spawners or dungeons in Minecraft (that would be pretty scary, huh?).

Desert and Beach Biomes

Minecraft Dungeon in a Desert Biome

Dungeons can spawn close to the surface of sandy biomes such as deserts and beaches. If you are in one of these biomes and you notice the sand is caved in, it’s possible one generated and the sand fell inside. Make sure you explore around any caved-in areas and you might just find a dungeon!


Still no luck finding a dungeon in Minecraft? If you’re starting a new world, you can select a seed which has a dungeon close to the spawn point or in a known location. For example, this page has a seed with the coordinates of a dungeon in a desert.

Map Viewers

It’s possible to upload your map to a website or program and it will tell you the locations of various structures, including dungeons. Some players may see this as cheating, however it is a method you can use to find dungeons. You can visit Minecraft Wiki for a list of map viewer programs.


There are various mods which you can install to your Minecraft client to help you locate dungeons. Again, some players may think this is cheating but it is another way to find them if you’re desperate. These mods include:

  • Minimap Mods: Mods that show nearby mobs on a minimap are helpful for locating dungeons.
    If there’s a cluster of mobs nearby on your map, it’s likely there is a dungeon there.
  • X-Ray Texture Packs: These texture packs will make stone invisible, making it very easy to locate dungeons underground.
  • Dungeon Finder Mods: Mods such as Finder Compass can help you locate dungeons. This mod specifically will point your compass towards dungeons.
Important: Some of these mods may be against the rules of some servers. Do not use these mods if they are forbidden on your server, otherwise you could be banned.

Dungeon and Mob Spawner FAQs

  • How do I move a mob spawner?

    Mob spawners cannot be moved in vanilla Minecraft. They can only be moved with the use of mods or server plugins.

  • Can I use Silk Touch to mine a mob spawner?

    No. Silk touch does not allow you to mine Mob Spawners in vanilla Minecraft.

  • How far can mob spawners spawn mobs?

    Mob spawners have a horizontal spawning radius of 4 blocks in each direction and a vertical spawning radius of 1 block above and below the spawner.

  • How do I change a Mob Spawner to another type?

    Using a spawn egg on a mob spawner will change the spawner to the type of that egg. For example, if you use a creeper spawn egg, it will change to a creeper spawner. This works for all spawn eggs, including ghasts, villagers, and animals!

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