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6 Fun Survival Minecraft Challenges For When You’re Bored

6 Fun Survival Minecraft Challenges For When You’re Bored

Adding a challenge to survival Minecraft is the perfect way to bring more fun and excitement into the game. Challenges are certain rules or objectives you add voluntarily to the game to make it more difficult, different, and exciting.

Some example of challenges could be playing in a world with lava oceans or not being allowed to use diamond tools. These changes can drastically change the game you are used to playing, so in a sense it allows you experience Minecraft from a different angle.

Our article will go over some basic and more complicated challenges that Minecraft players have been trying out. If you’re getting bored of the game, these cool survival Minecraft challenges are sure to make the game more exciting.

1. HermitCraft Challenge

In this Minecraft challenge you will spawn with just a single 16×16 chunk and nothing else. The goal is to play the game as you would with the limited resources and eventually construct a nether portal and kill the ender dragon. Note that there is another 16×16 chunk somewhere out in the world if you’re daring enough to go exploring.

To download the map, check out the HermitCraft website.

2. Survival Island Challenge

Minecraft Survival Island Challenge

One of the most iconic survival Minecraft challenges is to spawn on an island in a vast ocean. You have to do all your gameplay on this island (asides from mining or visiting the nether) and work with the small land size. For a seed, try “-3057195824021022322” (source: reddit – tested for patch 1.12).

Here are some sample rules or objectives for your survival island challenge:

  • You cannot make the island larger by adding blocks onto it. Work with what you spawn with.
  • You are not allowed to leave the island and start a second base. Do all your farming and building on the island.
  • Going underground to mine is allowed, but you must go back up the way you came down.
  • For long-term objective, make it your goal to build using nether brick or quartz. You will be forced to explore the nether and gather materials there.
  • Some other objectives could include: getting a nether star, defeating the ender dragon, or finding lots of diamonds.

3. Skyblock

Minecraft Skyblock Challenge

Skyblock is another classic example of a challenge in survival Minecraft. In a nutshell, you start on a small chunk of land floating in the sky and you need to expand it and build your base. Often players will create multiple floating islands and build connection bridges between the islands.

It’s a very fun take on Minecraft if you are up to the challenge. I highly recommend playing on a Skyblock server so you can make friends and invite people to your ‘island’ in the sky. Don’t forget to build a cool house on your sky island!

If you enjoy playing Minecraft with modpacks, definitely make sure you try Agrarian Skies and Sky Factory.

4. Customized World Generation

Newer updates to Minecraft now allow you to customize how worlds are generated. There are endless opportunities to add survival challenges to Minecraft, including replacing oceans with lava, playing on superflat, or making ores more rare. See MinecraftWiki for a complete list of customized world options.

5. City Construction Challenge

This survival challenge involves building a city from scratch and progressing through the stages by completing certain requirements.

For example, one requirement is that you can only use wooden tools at the beginning and unlock better tools as you add to your city. By the end of the challenge, you will have a big city to show off to your friends.

6. Hardcore Survival Minecraft Challenge

If you are wanting a difficult challenge, hardcore mode may be a good idea to try. In this mode, the player only has one life and does not respawn after dying.

Hardcore mode is definitely not for everyone as some people can find it unfair to lose all their progress after dying an “unfair” death (like being suddenly blown up by a creeper). But if you’re bored of the regular game, giving hardcore mode a try can add a layer of difficulty and excitement. You can still build as you normally would, and building something like a castle might be a fun idea.

Hardcore mode must be setup when the world is created and normally can’t be activated in an existing world. It also works for multiplayer worlds that choose to enable it!

Have ideas, suggestions, or comments about survival Minecraft challenges? Leave a comment below!


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