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7 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas and Designs

7 Best Minecraft Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Although kitchens in Minecraft are mostly just for decoration, they are a great place to store your food and cooking supplies. Unfortunately, there are no actual kitchen appliances like fridges, ovens, or microwaves in the game and you will have to mostly make-do with the blocks available.

Some clever ideas for building kitchen appliances could be to use iron doors for fridges, buttons for cupboard handles, and hoppers for stove vents. If you are tech savvy, installing Minecraft modpacks is an option to expand what you are able to build inside your kitchen.

Minecraft Kitchen Mods

With the use of mods, Minecraft kitchens can get a whole lot more interesting. A great example is the cooking for blockheads mod which adds fridges, stoves, and cabinets to the game. With this mod, you are able to cook using a proper stove instead of an ore-smelting furnace and store your food in a fridge instead of a chest!

Some players might think of mods as being similar to using cheat codes, but ultimately whether or not you use mods is up to you.

Here are our hand-picked 7 best Minecraft kitchens that are possible to build without mods. We hope that you can find some inspiration for building your own!

1. Small & Cozy

A fairly modern style Minecraft kitchen with great attention to detail. There’s a split level, barstools, a dining island, countertops, and an open area with bamboo plants. All of these small things add up to make this build extra impressive.

The design is on the small side, but it certainly is cozy and feels very inviting. Because there are few windows, it would work great in an underground Minecraft base.

Although the lamps look like they are from a mod, they could easily be replaced with lanterns for a very similar look!

2. Modern

A very modern take on a kitchen in Minecraft. The decorative fire on the side, vents above the island, and the fridge made from ice all make this build feel more modern.

Modern builds can often feel a bit sterile or cold, but the fireplace in this kitchen definitely warms it up. To make this kitchen even less “cold”, you could easily incorporate some colored blocks like concrete.

This kitchen has an open window leading to the outdoors, which makes it perfect for the main-level inside your Minecraft house.

3. Corner Kitchen

A pretty cool Minecraft kitchen with room for cutting boards! This build is a great example of how to build appliances in a non-modded game, for example the fridge uses an iron door, the sink uses a filled cauldron, and the stove uses overhead pistons as vents.

This kitchen may have been built underground, but a good addition would be to add some windows if possible. Using different blocks for the floor and wall would make a huge difference here, too.

4. Easy Survival Kitchen

This is a really easy kitchen design that you can build in any Minecraft survival game. It is made from basic materials like sandstone and cobblestone with a checkered wool floor.

Despite being small, it gets the job done with furnaces for cooking, some storage chests to put your food, and a piston for a countertop.

5. Simple Minecraft Kitchen

This build makes great use of birch trapdoors as cabinets, a brewing stand as an appliance, and potted plants on the counter. The lanterns provide good lighting from above and there’s a window with a tree.

If you would like to build this simple kitchen in Minecraft, a step by step guide is available.

6. Medieval

A small Minecraft kitchen that is built in a medieval style with what appears to be a walk-in pantry or a 1×1 little fridge. It would fit nicely inside a castle or even in your survival home.

Some ideas for building this type of kitchen could be to add a food storage area behind the door with chests on shelves. Another building idea could be to add stairs going down to a cellar or basement downstairs.

7. Spacious

If you have a bigger space to work with, this larger Minecraft kitchen design could be a good choice. There is plenty of counter space and even a seating area!

You could easily expand on this design by building things on the counter top and some suggestions could be potted plants, brewing stands, or pressure plates for a “stove”.

That concludes our top picks for the best Minecraft kitchens! Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Leave a comment below.


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