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8 Underground Bases to Build in Minecraft

8 Underground Bases to Build in Minecraft

An underground base is one of the most popular things to build in Minecraft. They are a great way to build a home, get hidden storage space, and add some challenge to the game!

Getting Started with Underground Bases in Minecraft

It is usually more difficult to build an underground base in survival since you will typically need to dig out rooms and hallways. Regardless, there are some clever ways to make building underground easier like using existing cave networks, efficiency enchantments, beacon buffs, and even modpacks.

It’s your choice whether the entire base is underground or just a portion. For example, you could build a nice cottage house on the land with a ladder going down to a storage vault. Alternatively, you could build a hidden trapdoor in the forest going down to a mega base with storage, housing, a fancy nether portal, enchanting nook, and more!

If you’re finding that you build the same old base every time you play the game, building underground can be just what you need! Here are our top picks for the best underground bases for Minecraft:

1. Basic Underground Base

This design has a dual function of being an organized storage room with a convenient enchanting area in the middle. It would be really simple to apply enchants to your equipment when you’ve got all your supplies within reach.

Note the large amount of glowstone and torches used in this underground base. It is important to keep the area lit up, otherwise enemy mobs will begin spawning all over!

2. Large Cave Village

A great way to remove the hassle of building underground is to use a naturally generated cave network. Just imagine how much time you would save by not having to dig out a massive building space!

This particular design includes lots of grass, trees, water, and vines to give a lively “above ground” feeling (while still being underground)! One idea could be to build a garden with a gazebo, flowers, and benches.

3. Semi-Underground Base

A unique take on underground bases, this build is “below the ground” but is not covered in dirt or stone. It remains completely open to the land above it, except for some glass.

A cool addition could be to add a beacon right in the square in the middle. This would provide beneficial buffs like increased movement speed while running around the base. Another idea could be to build a library to do your enchanting.

4. Secret Base

Have you ever dreamed of having a totally hidden house in your Minecraft world? Why not build a hidden staircase in the grass which goes down to your living space!

There’s plenty of things you could add to this kind of underground base design, including a kitchen area, storage room, or even a mob grinder.

5. Tiny Underground Base

If you want a simple Minecraft house that’s protected underground, this is the design for you. This base features a fairly small room built underground with a glass roof for natural sunlight. Watch out for monsters at night walking on top of the glass!

If you like this design but don’t want to use it as a house, try making a greenhouse and use the space to grow food.

6. Underground Room

In this work-in-progress underground room, there’s a great design starting! This large room would be great as a hallway, throne room, or grand entrance and could be a starting point for a bigger base. If using the room as a hallway, building some statues would be a great idea.

If you like Minecraft mods, this type of room design would go great with the Stoneblock 2 modpack.

7. Minecraft Cave Base

In this impressive underground cave base, there are stone brick walls, water features, gardens, and walkways! Note that larger builds like this often struggle with lighting and tend to be darker in general. Something like this would be a ton of work on survival mode, it may be better suited to creative unless you want a challenge.

A really cool addition to this design could be to build a fountain somewhere. It could even be lit up with glowstone or lamps.

8. Simple Underground Base

It’s clear that a lot of thought went into the design of this base. The base includes a small farm, a bedroom, storage space, and an entry hall. This is an underground base that pretty much anyone can build in survival Minecraft.

Another comparable tutorial can be found here.

That concludes our favorite underground bases in Minecraft. Which one will you build? Leave a comment below!


Monday 4th of September 2023