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7 Minecraft Kitchen Designs and Ideas (No Mods)

7 Minecraft Kitchen Designs and Ideas (No Mods)

Building a kitchen in Minecraft is a unique and fun way to store your food and cooking items in the game. Since you don’t need to sit at a table to eat or use fancy appliances like stoves or microwaves to cook, kitchens are mostly just for decoration.

Of course, with the use of mods, kitchens can get a whole lot more interesting. This mod for example adds fridges, stoves, cabinets, and other kitchen blocks to the game. Whether or not you use mods is up to you!

We have gathered our favorite Minecraft kitchen designs and ideas in this post and hopefully you can find some inspiration for building a kitchen. Our top picks include designs that are possible with no mods.

1. Small and Cozy Design

In this photo, a reddit user made a small and cozy kitchen that is fairly modern. It has a split level, barstools, a dining island, countertops, and an open area with bamboo plants. This is a fairly compact design, albeit a little tall, that would work great in an underground base or a taller house. I’m not sure if the lamps are from a mod or not, but in any case they could easily be replaced with lanterns for a similar look.

2. Modern Minecraft Kitchen

A very modern take on a Minecraft kitchen is shown in this example. The side decorative fire, vents above the island, and the fridge made from ice are all cool ideas. This kitchen has an open window leading to the outdoors, which makes it perfect for a main-level kitchen in your house.

3. Corner Kitchen

In this design, the kitchen has a “cold” feel and is placed in a corner. It is a great example of what is possible without using mods when building a Minecraft kitchen. Note the creative use of upside-down pistons as vents, item frames as cutting boards, and a door for the fridge. This kitchen may have been built underground, but a good addition would be to add some windows if possible.

4. (Very) Basic Survival Kitchen

This is a really simple Minecraft kitchen design that you can do in any survival game. It is made from basic materials like sandstone and cobblestone with a checkered wool floor. It is practical with furnaces and chests for cooking, and has decorative shelving and vents.

5. Another Modern Design

Another modern style kitchen that is built without using any mods. This build makes great use of birch trapdoors as cabinets, a brewing stand as an appliance, and potted plants for the counter. The lanterns make great hanging lighting and there’s a window with a tree. The builder has made a full video on how to build this kitchen, check it out here.

6. Medieval Minecraft Kitchen

A cool, compact kitchen idea that’s built in a medieval style. Note the wooden door used to make the pantry, a really cool idea would be to make a food storage room or walk-in pantry beyond this door.

7. Spacious Minecraft Kitchen

If you have a bigger space to work with, this more spacious Minecraft kitchen design may be a good fit. A cool way to simulate cabinets without mods is to use buttons.


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