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8 Best Minecraft Library Designs and Ideas

8 Best Minecraft Library Designs and Ideas

Building a library is one of many cool things to build in Minecraft. There are many different ways to design a library and you will need to consider factors like overall size, hallways, the number of floors, basements, and enchanting areas.

To save time, you should have a good idea of your library design before you get started. Also consider whether you want a separate library building or if you want a library that is just an extension of another building like your house.

Minecraft Library Design Tips

Most library designs in Minecraft will have at least some of these key elements:

  • Use of darker wooden tones and bookshelf blocks.
  • Glowstone, often made to look like lamps by using fences and signs (more cozy than torches).
  • Indoor plants using leaves as hedges, or even entire trees as centerpieces.
  • Central atriums, indoor gardens, and/or hallways.
  • Use of wooden stairs to make benches and tables for “studying”.
  • Area for practical purposes (like an area for brewing potions in Minecraft).
  • Modern libraries will make extensive use of glass and white tones.
  • Multiple floors with balconies and walkways indoors.

This article will provide examples of the best Minecraft library designs and provide you with inspiration for building your own library.

1. Simple Wooden Library

This Minecraft library is designed to be compact, mostly wooden, and have two floors. There are bridges for crossing and plants inside to provide some greenery.

The use of glowstone on top of fences creates a very cozy atmosphere. Downstairs, there are benches for people to “study”, hedges, and even glowstone hanging from the ceiling.

If you are building a library inside or next to a castle, this design would fit really nicely.

2. Fancy Design

For this library design, a longer hallway is included with branches off to the sides containing bookcases. People can go off to the sides to “get their books”, then return to the beautiful middle area to go and read them. There is also a second floor with railings above the main floor.

A cool design idea would be to have each side-nook provide a different function, for example one branch can be for enchanting and another for potion brewing. Another idea could be to construct some statues in the side spaces.

3. Large Exterior

If you want to build a really big library in Minecraft, this is the design for you! You will notice that this library exterior is similar to older government buildings with its columns and staircases in the front. If you have a lot of space to build, this library is sure to impress.

When playing on survival mode, it’s often difficult to find flat areas to build on so some land terraforming is often necessary.

4. Tall Ceiling

A cool design technique for libraries is to make a very large ceiling with rows of bookcases which do not reach that ceiling. This gives the impression of a very large building, and is a similar strategy to what most grocery stores use.

You will need to be careful with the tops of the bookcases though, as mobs are able to spawn anywhere that has a low light level. The glowstone blocks placed directly into the ceiling will help reduce Minecraft mob spawning.

5. Cozy

This Minecraft library was built underground and features many of the common themes: glowstone lamps, rows of bookcases, use of wooden paneling, and columns. It would make a great addition to underground cave bases since it is entirely underground.

Although it looks like the library itself is just one floor, you can see an area above ground which could be used as a living area. The use of stairs for benches and leaves for hedges adds to the cozy atmosphere of this cool library.

6. Multiple Floors

Tall Minecraft Library

This library layout uses very tall bookcases that do reach the ceiling, along with walkways that allow users access to the taller bookshelves. At the bottom of the library, there are tables with reading areas and glowstone lighting. This kind of library design is similar to ones used by large universities in real-life.

This design could benefit from darker wood tones, grass hedges, and perhaps even some fireplaces or use of water fountains. If above-ground, having a glass ceiling with natural sunlight would definitely be a great addition as well.

7. Highschool Library

A more “real-life” take on a Minecraft library which resembles one you could find at a high school (or even a public library). The green carpet, white ceiling and support columns, boxy fluorescent lighting, and glass columns are what define this design. Note the lack of “medieval” elements such as wood, stone, and fireplaces.

This type of library design would also fit well in a skyscraper or other tall building and you could easily use concrete blocks for the ceiling.

8. Modern

This is an example of a more modern Minecraft library you could potentially find in a larger city. The library building uses classic modern elements: white tones, large use of glass, boxy shapes, and so on. It also has multiple floors, with some floors having the entire wall as glass.

Often when constructing modern buildings, having a texture pack can really make the building look nicer!

Do you have any other ideas for building a really cool Minecraft library design? Share in the comments below!