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7 Minecraft Greenhouse Designs and Ideas

Building a greenhouse in Minecraft is a cool way to organize your farming and gardening in the game. The main advantage of building a farm in a greenhouse is that your farm can be indoors, but still exposed to natural sunlight due to the transparent glass.

Most importantly, greenhouses are visually appealing and can help keep out mobs and players on multiplayer servers. Note that mobs (including creepers) can still spawn inside your greenhouse at night if you don’t have proper lighting at night.

1. Small Minecraft Greenhouse

This video shows an excellent example of how to build a visually appealing and small greenhouse. This kind of greenhouse is not suited for farming large amounts of crops, but is very cozy! The small garden outside and the leaves growing on the glass is a great touch.

2. Tall and Narrow Greenhouse Design

In this design, a reddit user created a cool greenhouse design that is mostly tall and narrow. Inside there is room for hanging leaves, small raised garden beds, and little pathways.

3. Modern Minecraft Greenhouse

A more modern approach to designing a greenhouse in Minecraft. Note the use of taller walls, white stained glass, and sharp corners instead of traditional wooden curves.

4. House-Shaped Greenhouse

With this design, the builder made a typical house-shaped building turned into a greenhouse with the help of glass. Can be used as a farm, greenhouse, or a regular house!

5. Luxury Minecraft Greenhouse

This youtuber shows you how to build a luxury greenhouse, step by step. A very creative design with lots of attention to detail.

6. Large Industrial Greenhouse

This is a larger and more industrial looking greenhouse. It can easily be scaled to be wider or longer to suit your needs. For a larger farm, this kind of greenhouse would be a good idea! See the schematics for this greenhouse here.

7. Simple Cobblestone Build

Want a super simple early-game greenhouse? Well this is the design for you. This is a small greenhouse made with basic materials like cobblestone, glass, and torches. Easily fit in some rows of crops like wheat, carrots, or other types of Minecraft food inside this design.