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8 Minecraft Windmill Designs and Ideas

Windmills are a fun thing to build in Minecraft and make a great addition to farming areas. They can be a bit challenging to build because of the “blocky” nature of minecraft and the fact that windmills are not very cubic. The blades are usually the hardest part to build because they are often built diagonally.

Nonetheless, we have found some of the coolest Minecraft windmill designs for you to get some inspiration from.

Since Minecraft does not have any official support for windmills, they are normally built as a decoration near farmland. If you really want a functioning windmill, it is possible to do this with mods! One popular windmill mod is the “Better with Mods” mod.

1.Simple Minecraft Windmill

Here we have a really simple Minecraft windmill design with a circular structure and large, diagonal blades. This would be a great starting design for use in survival mode (and it uses easy materials as a bonus). For this build, you’ll need cobblestone, wood, stone, and some wool.

Below I have also included a picture of the interior of this windmill for reference:

2. Detailed Minecraft Windmill

This YouTuber says this is a simple windmill design, but I would argue it’s a step above simple. The windmill is beautifully detailed with lots of attention to detail. For a full guide on how to build this windmill, check out the video!

3. Rustic Minecraft Windmill

A cool Minecraft windmill design with unique blades. This build is more tall and narrow with interesting blades which are slightly curved.

4. Classic Minecraft Windmill

A more traditional build that looks like a Dutch windmill. This build is fairly low in complexity so it would be easier to build for beginners and in survival mode.

5. Fantasy Minecraft Windmill

This YouTube video shows a tutorial on how to build a more whimsical windmill. The builder did a great job on the fantasy look!

6. Tall Minecraft Windmill

Another taller windmill design with blades that have some depth to them. This one also has some leaves placed around it for decoration and it is built with an elevated stone foundation.

7. Tower Minecraft Windmill

In this design, the windmill is built as a corner-tower on a stone wall. This would be a nice design if you have a wall around your farm or base.

8. Minecraft Windmill House

A unique take on a Minecraft windmill by also incorporating a cottage house at the base. This windmill build would be a great idea as a farmhouse.