6 Minecraft Building Styles For Your Next Project

There are so many Minecraft building styles to choose from other than the most popular choice, medieval. Medieval is popular because it’s so intuitive, you just build a house or castle using stone and wood. If you want to spice up your next build, you will need to use different building materials like concrete, terracotta, and different wood types. I have put together a list of six Minecraft building styles for you to consider.

1. Medieval

Medieval Minecraft Building Style

PHOTO: Medieval village with a stone brick road, use of flags, and a wooden gate.

This is one of the most common styles for buildings because it uses the most abundant blocks in the game: stone, logs, planks, or bricks. Even the naturally generated villages and woodland mansions in the game use a medieval style.

This style is easy to learn as most buildings are constructed with stone walls and wooden frames/roofs. For a more unique look, you can use terracotta for the walls instead of stone or nether brick stairs for the roof. Some medieval things you can think of building are: castles, walled villages, marketplaces, taverns, clock towers, or churches.

2. Modern

Modern Minecraft Building Style

PHOTO: Modern House with glass walls, white tones, and unique shapes/stair placement.

Modern building styles are another popular choice among Minecrafters because it resembles a real-life building. This style takes advantage of unique shapes, glass, and white tones with a bit of added colour. Commonly used blocks include: wool, terracotta, glass, and quartz.

To build a modern building, think about real-life buildings you have seen and are interesting. Skyscrapers with penthouse suites, suburban homes, or condo developments are all examples of modern building style. For modern inspiration, check out this page for some examples.

3. Asian

Asian Minecraft Building Style

PHOTO: Asian building style with pagodas, a curved bridge, and lanterns.

A more challenging and less commonly used building style is the Asian style. When I think of this style, I think of cherry blossom trees, pagodas, shrines, and lanterns. This style can be challenging to work with in Minecraft due to the angles involved in pagoda building and the fact that pink leaves don’t exist (in vanilla at least!). However, some talented players have made it work and the builds look beautiful and very unique.

4. Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern Minecraft Building Style

PHOTO: Middle Eastern city in the desert made mostly from sandstone with blue accents for contrast.

A city in the heart of the desert made out of sandstone, terracotta, or concrete is what defines the Middle Eastern building style. Note other distinguishing features as seen in the photo above, including coloured domes, pillars, boxy residential buildings, and small areas of green-space with water and trees. If you have ever played the game Runescape, think of Al Kharid for your inspiration. Note that if you build in the desert in survival, you will encounter many mobs and very few animals! Our article on how to stop mobs from spawning in your base may be useful if you are building in the desert.

5. Viking

Viking Minecraft Building Style

PHOTO: Nordic stave church with a dramatic roof built in Minecraft.

Viking architecture puts a heavy emphasis on wood with dramatic roofs as seen in the photo of a stave church above. Curves also can be important, as you can imagine with a viking longboat. The supplies are simple to gather for this type of architecture as you will only need a large tree farm, however this building style could prove to be challenging. Be careful if fire spread is on, one wrong fireplace could burn down the whole build. Minecraft Guides has an excellent article on viking building styles

6. Frozen

Frozen Minecraft Building Style

PHOTO: An ice castle built out of ice and snow.

This isn’t my favourite Minecraft building style, but it’s gaining popularity so I included it in the article. Essentially you build something mainly out of ice, snow, and glass. Keep in mind this only works in a cold biome with snow, otherwise your build may melt. Sources of heat such as torches, fires, and lava will also melt the ice, even in cold biomes. You can use packed ice which will not melt, and it can be obtained from the ice plains spikes biome using a Silk Touch tool.

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