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How to Get Minecraft XP & Levels in 2023

Minecraft XP (Experience or EXP) is dropped on the ground as “orbs” when you do specific actions like mining, smelting, or killing mobs. Over time, you will get more and more XP through normal play and slowly level-up your Minecraft character!

Levels can be used at an enchanting table to add really useful Minecraft enchantments for your armor, weapons, and tools. Some examples of useful enchantments are efficiency (lets you break blocks faster) and unbreaking (makes your tool last longer).

Best of all, our handy little guide has been updated for 2023 and includes the newer ways to get Minecraft XP like smelting iron!

Have I convinced you to get Minecraft XP yet?

Best Ways to Get Minecraft XP

1. Mining

Mining is one of the best ways players can get XP drops early on in Minecraft. Nearly all ores will drop XP when mined and the amount dropped is increased depending on how rare the ore is.

For example, mining deeper in the ground for diamonds or even redstone ore will drop XP in Minecraft. When you are playing a newer client (1.17+), ores that drop “raw” metals like copper, iron, and gold will now drop XP orbs too!

Mining for nether quartz ore in the Nether is one of the best ways to get XP in Minecraft in 2023. It drops as much XP as lapis lazuli and is very common in the Nether.

2. Smelting & Cooking

Smelting and cooking items in a furnace will give you Minecraft XP when you take out the finished products. Note that if you use a hopper to withdraw the items for you, no XP will be given.

Smelting and Cooking in Minecraft


This is a quick way to get more XP in Minecraft if you are smelting or cooking a large amount of items. If you have a stockpile of ores, throw them all in the furnace and watch it rain XP!

3. Killing Mobs

Killing mobs in Minecraft like zombies, skeletons, spiders, or creepers will reward a small amount of XP. This is typically a slower way to get levels unless you construct a mob grinder (mob farm).

Keep in mind that only mobs recently attacked by a player will drop orbs. Using fire, lava, fall damage, or other ways to kill mobs automatically will not drop any XP orbs!

When building a mob grinder, it is best to concentrate mobs into a central location where they can be easily killed by a player. If you manage to find a dungeon in Minecraft, you can build around the mob spawner to funnel the mobs into a central point to be whacked at.

4. Other XP Methods in Minecraft

There are a few more ways you can get XP, however they are generally not the most efficient:

  • Fishing: Each time you catch a fish in Minecraft, some XP will be dropped.
  • Killing Animals: Animals will drop a small amount of orbs when they die.
  • Breeding: When animals are bred, some orbs are generated once the baby animal spawns.
  • Bottles O’ Enchanting: Bottled XP can be purchased from villagers.
  • Trading: Trading with a villager will award a small amount of XP.
Minecraft Villager Trading



FAQs About XP

  • Do fortune pickaxes increase XP orb drops?

    No. Adding the fortune enchant will only increase the number of items dropped, not XP.

  • How can I get Minecraft XP using commands?

    The /xp command may be used to give a player XP.

  • What can I do with Minecraft XP and levels?

    Levels can be used to enchant your items, for example let you mine faster or let your tools last longer. You can use a Minecraft XP Calculator to see what you can do at your current XP level.


Monday 1st of February 2021

Do hoppers take xp orbs?

Yousef Islam

Thursday 11th of March 2021

No, as they are not an item.