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Minecraft Mending Enchantment Guide

Minecraft Mending Enchantment Guide

Minecraft mending is a rare and powerful enchantment that can be applied to most weapons, tools, and armor. It is rare as it cannot be found on the regular enchanting table and instead must be found as a book item. This guide will explain how the Minecraft mending enchant works and how to find the special book for it.

What does the Minecraft Mending Enchantment do?

When picking up experience orbs, the orbs are consumed and automatically repair pieces of gear with the mending enchant. The gear is not repaired fully from just one experience orb, it repairs your gear slowly over time to full health. Once your gear is fully repaired, experience orbs will once again start being stored in your regular level-up bar.

As long as you are doing some activities that drop experience orbs such as mining, your gear will essentially have infinite durability with mending. This makes it a very powerful enchant and one of the best in the game!

How to Find the Mending Enchantment Book

The mending enchantment is not very common and cannot be added to gear using an enchanting table. Instead, you will need to find a book which has the enchantment and then combine the book with a piece of gear at an anvil.

Here is a list of places you can find the Minecraft mending enchantment:

  • Villager trading
  • Treasure chests in dungeons and other generated structures
  • Raids
  • Fishing

Typically, the best way to find the mending enchantment book is to trade with villagers.


  • The mending enchantment should typically be added to every piece of armor or gear, with the exception of bows.
  • The infinity enchantment on bows cannot be added if the bow has mending on it. Since infinity is such an amazing enchant to have on a bow (allows you to shoot arrows with just 1 arrow in your inventory, without ever consuming it), it is recommended to go with infinity.
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