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Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Guide

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Guide

Infinity is one of the best Minecraft enchantments and can only be applied to regular bows (not crossbows). This guide will explain how the Minecraft infinity enchant works and also how to get it.

What does the Minecraft Infinity Enchantment do?

Infinity lets you to shoot unlimited arrows without actually using up any arrows. You still need to have at least one arrow in your inventory for it to work, but that one arrow will never be used up. This is very useful because you never have to worry about crafting arrows! Note that it only works with regular arrows and not any other type of arrow.

This enchant only has one level, Infinity I, so there is no need to worry about getting higher levels.

How to Get The Infinity Enchantment

This enchant is found on the regular enchanting table and you will need at least level 17 for it to show up at all (1% chance at level 17). Every additional level will increase the chance you find the Infinity enchant while using the table. It is usually best to try to get Infinity at level 30 as it will show up more frequently (14%).

To refresh enchants at the table, you can try enchanting something else and the list of enchants will reset.

It is also possible to find this enchant as a book item by trading with villagers (specifically librarians) or even more rarely through fishing. This process is similar to how you get the mending enchantment book. However, since infinity is available on the enchanting table it is usually quickest to just find it on the table.

If you do find an infinity book, you can easily apply it to a bow using an anvil.


  • If a bow has been enchanted with Infinity, then you will not be able to add mending to the bow. You can only have one or the other. Note that infinity is almost always the better enchant to have.
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