The 5 Best Bukkit Plugins For Your Minecraft Server in 2018

When starting up your Minecraft Server, there are some Bukkit plugins that are simply ‘must haves’. Of course, every server is different. A server that wants to replicate vanilla may not need currency plugins, however an economy server would. I would like to share my list of the best bukkit plugins I’ve encountered during my many years as both a Minecraft player and server owner. Note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other plugins your server may need. With these plugins, you are sure to create a better server for your players!

1. WorldEdit and WorldGuard

Although technically two plugins, you need WorldEdit to install WorldGuard so I bundled them together. These two plugins are essential for all servers! WorldEdit allows you to easily make massive block changes within seconds.

Here are some examples of situations where you may use WorldEdit:

  • Removing all the water from a lake or ocean.
  • Copying, cutting, and pasting builds to different locations.
  • Changing all the blocks within an area to another block. For instance, on my server I changed all the leaves in the main town into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. After Halloween, I changed them all back to normal leaves.
  • Quickly building floors, ceilings, and walls.
  • … and so much more! The sky is your limit (literally).

WorldGuard has many uses, primarily assigning land to “zones” to which you can add “flags” and other “rules”. For example, you can make it so only one person or a group of people can build in a certain area, or that only certain people can enter the zone. This is a good way to prevent people from griefing your spawn or other builds! You can even let players make their own zones up to a limit you set. A very popular alternative to WorldGuard is Grief Prevention, which has a similar (simpler but less flexible) system.

2. PermissionsEx

You’ll absolutely need a permissions plugin which restricts commands and activities to certain players. PermissionsEx is the most commonly used plugin and I think the easiest to use. It allows you to make ranks and give commands to those ranks (for example, allowing only donors to use the /fly command). It also allows you to stop players from using commands intended for admins, for example blocking access to WorldEdit for regular players. If you are tech savvy enough, a cool feature of PermissionsEx is that you can assign permissions using MySQL. For example, I created a script where the top voters for the week received perks through permissions given and removed by MySQL.

3. McMMO

This plugin is not for every server, but in general it adds so much for your players to enjoy. McMMO adds an RPG element to the game, allowing players to gain levels in skills like mining, herbalism, fishing, and excavation. Once players reach certain levels, they get perks like double drops or other special drops. The plugin is very customizable. You can lower or increase the experience needed to level-up and change many perks as you please.

The plugin was free for a really long time, however the creators have put the official download behind a $10 pay-wall. They still allow you to download the McMMO plugin for free here “if you don’t appreciate their hard work” (kind of a rude way to beg for your money if you ask me, but the plugin is great!).

Need to make a website for your server? Check out our helpful article on creating a Minecraft server website!

4. Dynmap

Dynmap is one of my absolute favorite bukkit plugins! It is essentially a Google Maps for your Minecraft Server and allows people to see all the builds and progress for your server in a web browser. It’s particularly useful for players seeking a place to build, whether they want to move farther away from other players or they need a specific biome. Another nice feature is you can display things on the map such as player locations, player protection locations, and points of interest. I highly recommend adding this plugin to your Minecraft server website.

Dynmap Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft

5. Multiverse

If you’re planning to have multiple worlds, you will need a world management plugin. You may need multiple worlds if you want a mining/resource gathering world. A resource gathering world is an excellent idea as it contains ‘world griefing’ like deforestation and ugly sand removal to another world. You can reset this world every once in a while so it’s always fresh for your players.

Other reasons to have multiple worlds on your Minecraft server may include:

  • Minigames world for spleef, PvP arenas, etc.
  • Treasure world which has more ores and better drops. Make this a reward for a rank or charge admission to the world.
  • Lobby/Hub world which connects all your worlds together.
  • Contest worlds, where players can build entries for a server contest.
  • Superflat worlds and creative mode worlds.
  • Skyblock worlds.

Honorable Mentions

  • Creative Gates – Lets players create physical portals to connect two locations together.
  • Chat Control – Customizing chat appearances, filtering words, and blocking spam.
  • EssentialsX – A large number of useful commands such as warps and kits.
  • Crates Plus – Crate keys can be used for random rewards. Often a reward for donating or voting.
  • No Cheat Plus – Great for blocking client cheats like fly mods, but can be glitchy and affect performance at times.
  • LWC – My favorite plugin for locking doors and chests.

What other plugins have you found helpful to your server? Leave a comment below!

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Alex Booth

With McMMO charging $10 to download the plugin, I didnt think you were allowed to charge for content for Minecraft like mods and textures? I thought Mojang put a ban on that?