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Minecraft Fishing Guide

Fishing in Minecraft is a great way to get food early in the game and you can even find treasure in the process. Some people find Minecraft fishing to be too much work and time consuming while others find it relaxing. In any case, fishing can provide valuable rewards and items to players in the game and it can be made easier with enchanted fishing rods.

This guide will explain how to fish in Minecraft, the rewards from fishing, and also some tips and tricks.

How to Fish in Minecraft

Before you can catch any fish in Minecraft, you will need to find or craft a fishing rod. The recipe is quite simple, requiring just three sticks and two strings. Sticks can be easily made from wood logs and string can be found from spider drops or breaking cobwebs.

Minecraft Fishing Rod Recipe

Fishing Rod Crafting Recipe

Now that you have your fishing rod, you will need to find any body of water. This can be a pond, lake, river, or ocean. A cool idea is to fish off a Minecraft dock or pier. Self-made bodies of water will also work if you made your own pond filled with water.

Once you have your fishing rod and a body of water, you are ready to start fishing. You won’t need any further supplies and can cast a line by right clicking with the fishing rod in your hand. It does not matter where the lure lands, as long as it lands in a block of water.

Now you will have to wait a small, random period of time (up to about 30 seconds) before your bobber “sinks”, indicating that a fish is biting onto it. As soon as your bobber sinks and you hear a distinctive splash sound, you can right click again to draw back in your line. Timing is important and if you right click too early or too late, you will not get any reward.

It can take some practice before you get the hang of it. Note that there are sometimes fake splashes with the bobber where it may move or make a sound to trick you into drawing in your line early. You will only get a reward if you right click at the correct sinking animation and sound.

Minecraft Fishing Rewards & Loot

After a successful fishing attempt, some rewards and experience orbs will appear from the water and be thrown towards your character. The rewards are random, but typically include fish, treasure, or junk. Possible rewards are shown below:

Fish Rewards

  • Raw Cod
  • Raw Salmon
  • Pufferfish
  • Tropical Fish

Treasure Rewards

  • Enchanted Books, including the rare Mending Enchant
  • Name Tags
  • Nautilus Shell
  • Saddle
  • Enchanted Bows & Fishing Rods

Junk Rewards

  • Bowl
  • Leather
  • Damaged Leather Boots, Unenchanted
  • Damaged Fishing Rods, Unenchanted
  • Lily Pads
  • Bamboo (Jungle Biome)
  • Cocoa Beans (Jungle Biome)
  • Sticks
  • Rotten Flesh
  • String
  • Bone
  • Water Bottle
  • Ink Sac
  • Tripwire Hook

Minecraft Fishing Rod Enchants

It is possible to enchant your fishing rod to help you fish faster and more efficiently. The two unique enchants for fishing rods are “Lure” and “Luck of the Sea”.

The Lure enchant will reduce the amount of time your bobble needs to catch a fish, effectively increasing the number of catches you will get over a set period of time. Each level of lure reduces the time needed to catch a fish by 5 seconds and the maximum level is Lure III. At Lure III, the time to catch a fish is reduced by 15 seconds.

The Luck of the Sea enchant will reduce the amount of junk you get and instead increase the amount of treasure you find while fishing. This is useful when trying to get enchanted books when fishing.

Minecraft Fishing Tips & Tricks

  • Fishing while in a jungle biome has a slightly different drop table, particularly for junk. You’ll find things like bamboo while fishing in a Jungle biome only for example.
  • Fishing rods take durability damage over time just like any other tool. Adding the Unbreaking or Mending enchants to a fishing rod will make it last longer.
  • It is not possible to “catch” visible fish swimming around.
  • The time to catch a fish is reduced when it is raining, so you can fish more quickly in the rain! On the flip side, fishing indoors or in a cave will make it take twice as long to catch a fish. It is best to fish outdoors or where there is a clear path to the sky above the water.
  • It possible to place fish in buckets and move them elsewhere in the world.